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We keep our fees low so you can keep more of your investment returns with our Stocks & Shares ISA.

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Our low annual fee can save you up to £480 on a £20,000 investment over 5 years, without compromising on what's important to you as an investor.

All fees correct as of 01/02/2021. Obtained from each provider's website. Fees displayed are on a £20,000 Stocks & Shares ISA. These figures are intended as a guide. evestor fees are shown annually, however are charged monthly as a percentage of the total value of your portfolio. Fees may vary and exceed the stated figure.

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Minimise your investment risk with a globally diversified investment strategy.

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Our low annual fees mean you can invest more of your money and reach your financial goals.

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Our diversified portfolios

Manage the risk of your investments

Low risk
Medium risk
High risk

This portfolio is for those who want to take a small amount of risk to achieve their investment goals. Investments in this portfolio will primarily be made in defensive assets including Fixed Interest (67%) and Cash (3%), with the remaining 30% invested in Equities, which is a growth asset. The purpose of having defensive assets are to help reduce the overall volatility and risk of the portfolio in the short term and provide security rather than maximising returns whereas investing in Equities aims to provide capital growth over the long term.

This portfolio is for those who are comfortable taking some risk to achieve their investment goals. The majority of investments within this portfolio are in growth assets including Equities (61%) and Property (5%), and the remaining 34% is invested in defensive assets which are Fixed Interest (31%) and Cash (3%). This asset allocation aims to achieve somewhat of a balance between security and return. Although the portfolio will be subject to some volatility, the asset weightings will assist in limiting the extent of any great changes to the investment value. Over the longer term, this portfolio seeks to provide greater capital growth than Portfolio 1, but less risk and volatility than Portfolio 3.

This portfolio is for those who are comfortable taking a high level of risk to achieve their investment goals. Investments within this portfolio will be primarily growth assets via Equities (89%) and Property (5%), with the remaining 6% invested in Fixed Interest (3%) and Cash (3%) to help provide an element of security. This investment approach has more exposure to adventurous regions such as Emerging Markets and over the long term aims to provide a high level of return. With this type of strategy, significant volatility and fluctuations in value can be expected which can either positively or negatively impact the valuation of your account. Over the long term, this portfolio aims to provide greater capital growth than Portfolio 2.

What we invest in

Here's the different assets you'll invest in, if you invest with us.


Holding money in cash is almost risk free, but it does limit returns. We use cash investments to help balance the risk of your overall portfolio.


We invest in property through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) index funds. Think of it like being a landlord without all the hassle and responsibility that comes with that.


Organisations may issues bonds - a form of debt - to fund their growth. These are usually lower risk investments than equities, as the holder will know what return to expect.


Publicly traded companies offer equity (shares) to fund their growth. This gives investors the opportunity to have a share in the company's future earnings.

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